Purdie Barr, Owner of mango ink

When Purdie was little, she went on a holiday.

In the backyard was the biggest mango tree she had ever seen.

The tree was so full of ripe, sweet fruit, that mangoes were falling to the ground.

Before Purdie and her friends were allowed to play each day, they were sent out to collect a box of mangoes.

Day after day, they picked hundreds of luscious mangoes.

When Purdie was older, every time she treated herself to a mango, she relived that carefree summer holiday.

Looking through a box of old photos, she realised life was filled with mango moments.

She laughed at her 21st birthday shots, remembering the antics she got up to that night!

Her wedding photos made her feel like a princess again and her heart swelled with pride when she looked at her children’s baby snaps.

She realised all these moments were special. And unique. And made her who she is today.

Purdie wondered how great it would be if everyone had the chance to celebrate their individuality!

And so, with personalisation deep at heart, mango ink was born ……



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